ASTRA-OCT Posterior
Cervical Systems

Velox ACP

Astra-OCT Posterior
Cervical Systems

Velox ACP

​​SpineCraft’s VELOX Anterior Cervical Plate System has been designed to meet wide clinical needs by offering a plate/screw construct with integrated automatic locking mechanism and the choice of fixed or variable angle screws for ease of implantation in different pathologies.


  • Low profile 1,2,3,4 level plate options​
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping variable and fixed angled screws. 12,14,16,18 mm lengths
  • 30 degree cranial and 30 degree caudal screw angulation
  • Circumferential CoCr locking ring that adjusts to the screw angulation.​
  • Simple screw removal instrument​
  • Precision instrumentation including proprietary endplate drill guide


  • Maximum sizing adaptability for a wider range of cases.​
  • Flexibility to address different pathologies, techniques, and patient anatomies.
  • Among the widest angulation of any cervical plate on the market.
  • One step screw insertion, angle selection, and secure locking.
  • Speed and ease in screw removal.
  • Optimized plate positioning and reduced encroachment on the adjacent non-fusion level.


ASTRA-OCT Posterior Cervical System has been designed to meet wide clinical needs as part of SpineCraft’s integrated posterior fixation platform.


  • Low-profile screw head design with +70° conical angulation
  • Expansive offering of variable angle screws from 3.5Ømm to 5.5Ømm
  • Reduction Screws available in all diameters
  • Dual Favored Angle: All screws include medial-lateral and cranial-caudal favored angle
  • Two rod diameters offered in both Titanium and Cobalt Chrome
  • Specialty Z-shaped & Transition Rods in Titanium and Cobalt Chrome
  • Broad connection capabilities options including revision, offset, screw to screw and rod-to-rod connectors
  • Streamlined set configuration designed to address the cervical thoracic spine with just two trays
  • Seamlessly interfaces with SpineCraft ASTRA Spine System for integrated, navigation-ready, occiput to pelvis correction solution

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