Degenerative Spine System includes Dual Core and Double Lead Thread Screws, offering fast and controlled screw insertion with outstanding pullout resistance.​


  • High strength, low profile implants designed for use with multiple rod diameters and materials, including CoCr
  • OsteoHold technology with optimized cortical and cancellous zones to maximize grip in osteoporotic bone.
  • Built-in 65° of total angulation in the favored plane in all polyaxial screws.
  • Enhanced locking cap design for easy starting with no cross-threading.
  • Friction-fit head to facilitate rod placement in deformity and complex spine procedures.
  • Compact yet strong for optimum performance with different rod material choices.
  • All implants accept multiple rod diameters using same instrumentation.
  • SureGrip is a unique instrument/implant interface for excellent stability.


  • Exceptional mechanical stability and intraoperative flexibility
  • Designed for optimal anchoring of the screw in cortical and cancellous bone of the pedicle
  • Allows for ease of rod placement in challenging anatomy and correction techniques in both the thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • Designed to deliver torque securely under high load applications such as rod-reduction, sagittal and coronal alignment
  • Eliminates the need to readjust tulip heads, reduces operating time and improves rod path visualization.
  • Ability to match the correct rod material and diameter to the specific patient’s need
  • Versatility and adaptation for multiple pathologies and surgical treatments
  • Provides a quick and rigid connection for accurate and secure maneuvering

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