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PANORAMA MIS Retractor System


Panorama MIS Retractor System

Avant MIS System

Panorama MIS

PANORAMA is the first retractor that includes an axial opening, which allows for greater working freedom in the disc space in MIS procedures without muscle/tissue creep. The patented design enables increased instrument angulation and maneuverability, thereby expanding the surgeon’s ability to safely access the entire disc space, including difficult-to-reach contralateral locations. PANORAMA opens the confines of a traditional cylindrical tube and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of intervertebral discectomy and endplate preparation for fusion.

Proprietary Design Feature

  • Tubular retractor with axial opening


  • Increased instrument angulation to reach the contralateral disc space
  • Greater freedom for precise implant positioning
  • Enhanced visibility of anatomy
  • Improved instrument maneuverability
  • Less retractor repositioning
  • Improved efficiency and reduced O.R. time

Avant MIS

AVANT Minimally Invasive System features broad selection of screw/rod delivery instruments and implants designed to treat degenerative and deformity pathologies of the thoracic and lumbar spine. This flexible, straight-forward, minimally invasive system is designed to ensure reliable and reproducible clinical results.

Proprietary Design Feature

  • 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5mm screw diameter sizes
  • Extended tabs with a slim profile for smaller incisions​
  • Open and closed tab options are available
  • Implant has built-in 18mm of reduction ​​
  • Robust tab design resists premature breakage
  • Several rod deployment options


  • Plenty of screw options for diverse anatomical needs​
  • Reduced morbidity and wound care requirements​
  • Surgeon can determine tab configuration preference intra-operatively
  • No need for additional reduction instrumentation​
  • Safely perform rod placement and correction maneuvers without fear of tab breakage
  • Accommodates surgeon preferred rod placement technique

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